HR Consultants Interviewing Tricks of the Trade

HR Consultants Interviewing Tricks of the Trade

Interviewing is the key component to any HR or outsourced recruiting consultant. But how do you know you are asking the right interview questions? There is no one right way to ask questions because every company, candidate, and HR consultant or recruiter is different. However, here are some tips from The Society for Human Resource Management to make an interview meaningful and not canned.

Paul Falcone, writer for SHRM, claims that a good interviewer will “create trust, comfort.” An interviewer should not only be focused on asking about experience, skills, and traits; they should also focus on getting the interviewee comfortable. No interviewer can ever learn about an entire person from one meeting, and they would learn even less if the candidate is nervous.

“Continue with inviting opener questions,” says Falcone. Ask friendly questions and mind your facial expressions. Non-verbal cues are critical to help a candidate understand the mood of the interview. Sometimes a joke is necessary if the candidate is tense or hesitant to answer.

Falcone’s last point is to “be truthful, too.” An interviewer can be friendly without instilling false hope into the candidate. It is better to be upfront than to lie.

HR consultants understand these key points in interviewing and should be looked into in order to have effective interviews. Just because an entrepreneur knows business, does not mean that they are always equipped with the time, money, or skills to conduct successful interviews.