Outsource HR to avoid Legal Trouble

The Society for Human Resource Management is a great resource for anyone in business. Every business tycoon will have to deal with HR at some point, and everyone should understand what it does and how HR operates. Dori Meinert, of SHRM, talks about how HR can change negative company environments in her article “How to […]

HR Consultants Interviewing Tricks of the Trade

Interviewing is the key component to any HR or outsourced recruiting consultant. But how do you know you are asking the right interview questions? There is no one right way to ask questions because every company, candidate, and HR consultant or recruiter is different. However, here are some tips from The Society for Human Resource […]

Outsourced HR to Prevent Employee Burnout

Don’t burn out your employees. Good and bad employees alike can suffer from burnout. Is it true that some employees are more apt to burn out? Yes, but you cannot count out stressful work situations and even stressful bosses. There is a saying that people quit bosses and not jobs. Why? Because some bosses do […]

HR Outsourcing for Startups

Entrepreneurs around the world have one thing in common. It’s not their thirst for profit, it is that they all need employees. Even start-up companies need employees. Whether it is an assistant, director, or associate you need someone to share the workload with. According to Entrepreneur, a start-up company can use an HR firm in […]